History of Events




October 2015, Brian appeared in his first group art exhibition at the Detroit Ink Spot where his apprenticed for tattoos. The show included florescent paintings and black lights with body painting. Brian had 2 pieces on display, including his very first painting titled, FREEYOURMIND. Brian later came back to do Illumination II in October 2016.

Mississippi mudd

December 2015, Brian appeared in an erotic group art show hosted by party promoter Ben Jones. The shows were initially held at Club Reign in Detroit, MI. Although Brian was not pleased with the placement of his paintings in the first Mississippi Mudd, he agreed to do Mississippi Mudd II in June 2016 under the condition that he would be the featured artist. Brian brought 10 pieces to the main floor and sold 2 paintings. Jason Phillips curated the show. The show started getting bad reviews and Brian was skeptical of returning for a 3rd time in December 2016. However, Brian believed in Ben Jones vision and decided to bring 20 pieces to MM3. The show was raided that night at 1 pm, 3 hours before the show was supposed to end. Ben Jones apologized for what happened the following day and purchased 2 paintings from Brian after the show.  Brian declined to do another Mississippi Mudd show.

raw artists Showcase

Brian entered the Raw Artist Showcase in Dec 2016. 

  • Holiday Rawk (St. Andrews Hall) 12/13/16
  • Cusp (St. Andrews Hall) 2/19/17
  • Verse (Metro Chicago) 4/12/17
  • Verse (St. Andrews Hall) 5/17/17
  • FIxate (St. Andrews Hall) 8/31/17


March 18, 2017 Brian's held his first solo Exhibition at The Baltimore Gallery. The show included 23 pieces of artworks Brian created over a span of 3 years. The exhibition lasted two weeks. With the exception of 1 pieces that was sold before opening, none of Brian's pieces sold during the exhibition.   

The 48 HR

June 2017, Brian featured with 5 other artists in The 48HR residency held at TYP Collection in Birmingham, MI. They all spent 48 hours straight inside of the gallery for an exhibiton held after the residency. People of Birmingham stopped to watch the artists work on their paintings. Brian went 44 hours straight without sleeping during the residency. Darius Baber, a painter and photographer who was also featured in the exhibition caught Brian sleeping on camera the last 4 hours. The show was curated by Tony Rave and Leah Rutt. 

stars and strikes

September 2017, Brian was asked to be a sponsor for the Golden Future Foundation. His piece of Golden Tate was auctioned off to the highest bidder.



the artist formerly known as bnick

May 2018, Brian's second solo exhibtion was held at Great Lakes Coffee. The title of the exhibition was inspired by the artist formerly known as Prince. Brian decided to quit signing. HIs piece "The Story of Ojay" was originally pulled from the exhibition a day before openinig reception due to management conflict of interest. Brian fought for the painting to be included and the piece remained in the exhibition.

art buddies vol 1

June 2018

the Dirty show

February 2018, Brian's second appearance in the Dirty Show. Two of his erotic pieces were selected, one of which was on the the main wall. 

Attack on wall vol 2

May 2018

palmer park art fair

June 2018, Brian was seleted to be featured on WDIV 4 news underneath the Detroit Fine Art Breakfast Club tent at Palmer Park. On the day of the fair, he decided do a live painting of Jean Michel Basquiat and raffle off the completed piece. The DFABC tent included 8 artists from the club. As the fair came to close, the pulling of the raffle ticket was documented live as contestants crowded the tent awaiting the announcement of the winner.

black id

June 2018, Brian's portrait of Earlly Mac titled "Earlly Bird Catches the Worm" was selected in the second annual BlackiD group exhibition at the Carr Center. The piece was almost pulled from the exhibition 2 days before opening because of the words "gentrification" and "Quicken Loans Hiring" seen in the painting. He suggested that he dissect the meaning of the painting in order to keep his painting in the exhibition. This turned into a documentation of the explanation and the painting remained in the exhibition. Earlly Mac was in attendance at the opening reception. People crowded around as Brian began explaining the to Earlly. The gallery was packed with attendees including the participating artists.

the residence

June 2018

Allee Wonderland day party

July 2018



  1. Illumination I  Oct 2015
  2. Mississippi Mudd Dec 2015
  3. Dirty Show 17 Feb 2016
  4. Mississippi Mudd II Jun 2016
  5. Illumination II Oct 2016
  6. RAW - Holiday Rawk Dec 2016
  7. Mississippi Mudd III Dec 2016
  8. RAW - Cusp Feb 2017
  9. FREEYOURMIND Mar 2017
  10. RAW - Verse (Chicago) Apr 2017 
  11. RAW -  Verse May 2017
  12. Rossi Art Exhibition (Toledo) May 2017
  13. The 48 HR Experience Jun 2017
  14. RAW - Fixate Aug 2017
  15. Dirty Show 19 Feb 2018
  16. ATTACK ON WALL Vol 2 May 2018
  17. The Artist Formerly Known As BNICK May 2018
  18. 2018 Palmer Park Art Fair June 2018
  19. Art Buddies Vol 1 June 2018
  20. BlackiD June 2018
  21. Father's Day Retreat: Jazz n Cigars June 2018
  22. THE RESIDENCE June 2018
  23. Allee Wonderland Day Party July 2018